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Special Interest Groups have members, and other interested attendees, with specialist knowledge in their particular area of interest. These groups are commonly known as SIG's.

SIG's can be provide attendees with very specific, or a broad variety of family history research material, for example they can be: of general interest on a variety of topics; a particular, or broad geographic area; a specific place (a one place study group); a particular demographic of people; or perhaps just one name (a one name study group).

The Western Australian Genealogical Society currently operate several special interest groups. WAGS Affiliated Societies also have their own SIG's, as do other general community based groups who provide for family historians in Western Australia.

WAGS Special Interest Groups

The Western Australian Genealogical Society currently has the following special interest groups:

Demographic Interest Groups

Convict Group

Enrolled Pensioner Guards

Swan River Pioneers Group

General Interest Groups

WAGS House Groups

WAGS House Groups meet on a regular basis and discuss items of general interest to members of the group, and have guest topics on a particular topic. They generally, but not always, meet in private residences.

Geographic Interest Groups

India & South East Asia Group

Irish Group

London & South of England Group

North of England Group

Scottish Group

South Australian Group

European Group

Victorian Group

Western Australian Group

Topic Interest Groups

Computer Group

The Master Genealogist Group (Genealogy software program)

Affiliated Societies Special Interest Groups


Other Special Interest Groups


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