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WAGS Privacy Policy

The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) incorporated in Western Australia is a not for profit organisation established in 1979 and operated by an elected Management Committee on behalf of its membership.

Personal data

WAGS provide a range of services related to genealogy for its members and family historians in general. As part of its business, WAGS collects a range of personal data for and on behalf of its members for the purposes of family history research.

Whether joining WAGS via a manual membership registration, or registering electronically via the WAGS website, members are required to submit some personal information. This information is retained by WAGS, and is used for the purpose of providing members with various services associated with membership of WAGS. You can amend you own personal information at any time by logging in and updating the information in your profile.

WAGS, its Committee and any employee or volunteer working on behalf of WAGS will not knowingly pass on any private information about clients collected for the administration of WAGS business, whether members or registered visitors.

WAGS, its Committee and any employee or volunteer working on behalf of WAGS will not knowingly pass on any information, collected in the course of family history research and publishing, to a third party without the knowledge of the primary client.

WAGS, its Committee and any employee or volunteer working on behalf of WAGS will not knowingly pass on any personal information collected from Internet submissions without the consent and knowledge of the subscriber.

Financial details

WAGS does not collect nor retain financial information as a result of members paying online, or by manual means, such as bank details or credit card numbers. Online financial transaction records are not retained by WAGS, or the WAGS website, other than a record of the date and amount paid.

Your information

Members and registered users will be provided with a copy of details of their own personal information held by WAGS, upon request.

Data submissions and spam

Please note that neither WAGS, its Committee and its employees, volunteers or contractors can prevent the harvesting of data displayed on the WAGS web site by third parties. This includes email addresses and names of people. Although WAGS employs various methods of reducing the risk of wholesale harvesting of email addresses, technology in this area is rapidly changing, and WAGS cannot, and does not, guarantee that email addresses will not be harvested from the WAGS web site.

Therefore any WAGS Member or member of the public who submits data to WAGS for inclusion in the WAGS website, do so at their own risk. WAGS recommends that submitters of data to the WAGS website ensure that they maintain their own SPAM and Phishing filters on their personal email programs. WAGS does not take any responsibility for anyone receiving SPAM, Phishing or other unsolicited mail or email as a result of information published on the WAGS web site.

Research material, the result of indexing and research by the Society and others, displayed on the WAGS website will be displayed in a manner that makes the wholesale collection of this data difficult.


WAGS, in conjunction with others, operates a number of web pages and websites for the promotion of WAGS and family history in general.

The WAGS websites use cookies for gathering data on the users visiting the WAGS websites. Information collected by the use of cookies is restricted to a users IP address, the place of origin, duration of the visit, and pages viewed whilst using the WAGS website. Cookies do not collect any personal information about users.

Subscribers to these sites are advised that no 'cookies' or other unseen records are maintained by WAGS.

Cookies are required to allow you to take advantage of some of the essential features of the WAGS website, we therefore recommend you leave them turned on while visiting the WAGS website.

By using the WAGS website you are agreeing to the use of cookies as described.

Third Party Cookies

WAGS provides links to third parties, such as social media sites Facebook and Twitter, and other websites via our genealogy links. The ‘social media buttons’ on our Website enable you to share or bookmark the web pages. Be aware that there are cookies in these third party sites internet tools which we may use to enhance our website. Third party websites have their own privacy policies, including the use of cookies, and we recommend that you read these policies.

Most browsers have information within their help menu which will tell you how to prevent the browser from accepting or receiving cookies, and how to disable cookies.

There are various websites which provide information about cookies and how to turn them off, a search via one of the search engines will provide you with a list of such sites.

Google Analytics

WAGS website uses Google analytics to gather general information about site visitors. Data is aggregated to provide statistical information about our visitors and includes information such as the IP address of the visitor, country, city, operating system, browser type, frequency and duration of visits; no personal information is gathered.

Privacy Laws

It should be noted that under the provisions of the current Australian legislation, privacy laws only apply to living persons.